Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Tool for Every Job

The night before the big day of  Lauren's ear piercing appointment Brandon did not feel well, which started a round of "take every ones temperature whether they are sick or not."  

Jokingly, Jonathon said, “take Mom’s temp, she doesn’t look so great...”  (Thanks kiddo!)  

Brandon, who was deemed to be in perfect health, took my temperature and discovered that I had a fever of 101.8F!  It explained why I didn’t look so great and had been feeling even worse.  However, it was not going to help Lauren make her much anticipated appointment.

Fortunately, Rich agreed to take Lauren to her big event.  She was thrilled and excited.  I was feverish, weary, and wary.  Rich was non-pulsed and once again initiated into the world of all things girl.  Father and daughter arrived home untraumatized.

The weekend happened to be Halloween and I rallied enough to take the kids Trick-or-Treating, only to pay for it Monday morning with a migraine.  Rich had to help Lauren manage the morning cleaning of her new earrings.  I did tell Lauren that if her dad had a really hard time to come get me and I would manage it.  

I did hear one yell from the bathroom but it was short, so I fell asleep.  I should have investigated because an outraged Lauren practically flew into my bedroom after school yelling:

"I LOST A EARRING!  I TOLD HIM NOT TO USE THE PLIERS THIS MORNING!..BUT DID HE LISTEN??  NOOOO!! which point Lauren commenced into more yelling, ranting, and sobbing...

Apparently, the "yell" I failed to investigate was Rich taking the back off of one of Lauren's earrings off with a pliers because his fingers were too big to manage such a little piece of jewelry and he did not want to bother me when I felt so poorly.  Lauren did not see things from her father's perspective.  All she felt was a pinched ear that was already tender ear compounded by the additional pain of a newly lost earring.

We managed to console Lauren, find a replacement starter earring, and at the end of a slightly painful day for her, teach Lauren that her Daddy loved her enough to help her with something new to him.  

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