Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainbows and Hawain Shirts

Lauren loves to dress like a rainbow. More days than not, she comes out dressed like a tribute to the color spectrum. She is happy and sparkly. Her eyes are shiny and her smile lights up the entire dining room. Nothing about her clothes match and I have made an odd peace with her choice of wardrobe. Life is so short and Lauren is so happy with her outfits (that are age appropriate), that I don't have the energy or desire to fight her about her clothing choices. We only get into disagreements when she is not properly dressed for the weather. She can be a winter rainbow, but she better be a warm winter rainbow!

Brandon went to baseball practice tonight in a Hawaiin shirt, grey shorts, a hot red baseball cap, and blue high tops. Everyone else's kid had on long pants, sweatshirts, the same red hat, and tennis shoes or cleats. Brandon did have a sweatshirt that he refused to wear. He was happy and didn't complain about being cold. I could easily spot him on the field and he did an awesome job fielding and hitting the ball.

It's easier to let the kids be who they are and celebrate their victories with them then fight over their clothing choices every day.

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